Six Kitchen Tips For Selling Your Home In Massachusetts

Tips for Selling Your Home in Massachusetts

Get more money for your home and increase your home’s value.  You probably know when selling real estate, renovated kitchens and baths help you get more money when selling your home.  I’m going to give you 6 tips that will get you more money.

Buyers are excited about moving and they are looking at all the hot new trends. Right now the housing market is delivering the new trends so, if you want multiple buyers your house also needs to show some of these features. Look on line and see the popular home trends. will you implement everything – no you will not but a few things will reap you monetary rewards.

I remember when my parents were selling their home. It was a very stressful time for our family as my Dad was laying in ICU and the world had come crashing down around our small family. We decided to move my parents and I was telling my Mom that she needed to replace the lighting. I remember the lights were there since we moved in in the 1970s and yes they worked perfectly well. She couldn’t understand how something so frivolous would make a difference and she wasn’t too happy about it. Inthe end she confessed she always wanted to do it but it wasn’t a priority. Now is the time to make your house a priority.

Do you need to replace and upgrade every single little thing? No however, yo need to have enough features that will draw the buyers. These Six Kitchen Tips For Selling Your Home In Massachusetts probably hit on most of the features but, of course i always have more!

Make a Budget

One of the best ways to save on a kitchen remodel is to make a budget and stick to it.  a budget will ensure that you change out what you need while you don’t over spend. Use this checklist to get started!

Use what you Have

If  your cabinets are in great shape then just reface them or get a professional painter in to give then a fresh new look.  Painted cabinets are all the rage right now but, be sure to use a neutral color. Or maybe you just need new cabinet doors, or newer cabinet hardware.

Replace Old Lighting

Replace your old lighting and install under cabinet lighting to give your kitchen a more spacious feel. Look in magazines, HGTV and on-line and you will get an idea of the current trends. Then shop for the affordable options you feel is appropriate for you home.

Hidden Electrical and Plumbing Costs

Don’t move your appliances.  Leave then in the same spot.  This will save on plumbing and electrical changes that are hidden costs

New Appliances

Replace old appliances with updated appliances for a current new look. Here too, look in the home magazines and see what works for your house. You need to make sure you buy the right kind of appliance without over spending. For example a subzero refrigerator/freezer is probably overkill for an entry level starter home but, buyers really like refrigerators with “French-door” model and a bottom freezer. If you house is quirky and colorful you may opt for a red refrigerator it just depends on your home.

Then look for sales and have them delivered with the old appliances taken away or put them in the basement as an extra selling feature. Tuck the receipts and manuals in the Home Notebook that you will make so the buyers see how much work and expense you have put into the house.

Upgrade Kitchen Countertops

Install granite or quartz countertops.  Check the prices and see if you can find a remnant or entry-level piece that will be far less expensive.

The countertops help sell the house but it won’t increase the home value in the appriaser’s eyes so, don’t over spend here. I had a client go to a local stone company and renovate, a small, kitchen for less than $5,000 including all new cabinets, lighting, kitchen fixtures, new sink and new appliances (refrigerator, stove and dishwasher) so, it can be done but it takes a little leg work. They sold at top dollar after having rented the house for over 9 years. Smart and good move. They buyer who purchased it bought it because it was updated and new. they had great jobs but had no idea on how the do home projects.

Good Design Taste

During this process you want to make sure you are implementing good design taste. Sometimes people take only a few suggestions and don’t really tie everything together. i have had some people install high end counters and leave backsplashes from the 1970’s and and it hurts them. They think well I have the nice countertops but forgot or didn’t want to change out the backsplash because they were tired. I know sometimes it seems like all of this is ridiculous but at the end of the day you are wanting the most money for you house and you have held this asset for a long time so, take some time and do it right.

To the Buyers

If you are a buyer don’t pass up the house in the right location at the right price as you can see renovations do not need to be drastically as expensive as they are featured on HGTV. Sometimes sellers just can’t do renovations due to family or health circumstances.

As always here at Hottel Real Estate we treat you the way we would want to be treated – buying and selling every home as it is our own. I hope you can see these Six Kitchen Tips For Selling Your Home In Massachusetts can be accomplished with a little planning and within a budget.

And when selling maximize your home’s value >> Ask for our Getting Ready to Sell Guide!

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