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The Story of Groveland, Massachusetts Approximately 34 miles from Boston, Groveland,MA sits inland from the coast and borders Haverhill, Georgetown, and West Newbury. Groveland was originally the East Parish of Bradford, that was originally part of the town of Rowley and officially incorporated on September 9, 1850, residents celebrate the anniversary of this date as Groveland Day.

In 1996, Congress designated Essex County as National Heritage Area 96, recognizing the significant role the region played in the early settlement, commercial development, and manufacturing economy of the nation.

Depending on your housing needs the Groveland real estate market offers many home options. Groveland real estate offers rentals of apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. If your housing needs are long-term, the Groveland real estate market also offers condominiums, and single-family homes for sale. Anyone considering Groveland real estate needs to ask: Is the neighborhood the right fit?

Town of Groveland, Ma 

Urban design of Groveland fronts along the Merrimack river and then abuts by the wagon-wheel corridors of Georgetown leaving, Groveland to be designed primarily by land holdings. A small town, Groveland is a bedroom community of neighboring towns and they like it that way.

Self described as retaining all of the characteristics of a friendly rural town in the setting of a convenient suburb. The town was incorporated 1850, late in the state’s history, after spending the 17th and 18th centuries attached first to Rowley and then to Bradford. Groveland changed gradually during the 20th century from a shoe industry and textile manufacturing community to one which is almost wholly residential, serving now as a suburb of nearby cities.Mall of Groveland

Groveland’s downtown is framed by the gazebo in Elm Park. The park was originally named “Constitution Park” when first created in 1832, it was only in 1857 that the elm trees arrived and with it the park’s new name. Elm Park was the first planned housing development in the area. House lots were laid out around the common and the owners of which given rights to the well at the south end of the common. By the 1950s, Dutch elm disease had ravaged most of the trees. In the early 1960s, the last tree was taken down and the park’s fountain dismantled. In 1990, Groveland received the first of several state grants to restore Elm Park and planted disease resistant Elm. Since Groveland is primarily a bedroom community, there is considerable traffic during the commute drive time. However, once the rush is over, the town reverts to a sleepy village, with children and some grownups riding their bicycles about and walking.

Commuting from Groveland, Ma 

    There are no “Freeways”/”Interstates” that pass through Groveland, as the town lies between I-95 and I-495. Route 97 and Route 113 both enter the town over the Bates Bridge, a truss bridge built in 1913 and recently re-furbished carrying the roads into town from Haverhill.

The Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority operates a route through town;however, there is no other mass transit within town.  There is a Peter Pan bus that goes to North Station that picks up/drops off at The Tea Garden, the Chinese food restaurant and bar in town.  The  MBTA Commuter Rail

The Haverhill/Reading Line of the MBTA Commuter Rail terminates in neighboring Haverhill, providing rail service into Boston’s North Station.

Population of Groveland, MA   According to the 2010 census, there were 6,459 people, 2,346 households, and 1,812 families residing in the townHomes of Groveland

Government of Groveland,Ma 
Georgetown utilizes the town meeting form of government, and is led by a board of selectmen. The Board of Selectmen comprised of five members who are elected for three-year terms, in the annual town election.
Government Center of GrovelandWater Supply and Sewage Treatment of Groveland, MA 
The Town of Groveland Water and Sewer Department provides cost-effective, reliable and high- quality water and wastewater services to its customers.
Trash Pick-up in Groveland, Ma  Groveland does not offer curbside pick-up. Homeowners must privately contact a service provider.

Electric Service in Groveland, Ma  Electric Service is provided Groveland Municipal Electric Department  Groveland Electric

Education of Groveland, Ma 
The Groveland Public School District consists of: Groveland is a member of the Pentucket Regional School District, which includes the towns of Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimac.

    The elementary school is: Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall Elementary School
    The regional middle School is Pentucket Regional Middle School
    The regional high school is Pentucket Regional High School
Every year the State of Massachusetts requires public school districts to participate in Standardized Testing called the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). The test scores are published in the  Boston Globe  &  State of Massachusetts Elementary and Secondary Education
Massachusetts offers a program entitled “School Choice” which allows students from neighboring towns to attend the local public school if there are spaces available and if the local School Committee decides this is in the best interest of the district. If there are spaces available, a notice is published in the local paper. There has been some discussion as to parents of children exercising this option to provide some compensation to the schools district. Each district is different so, please check with administration officials for the current policy.

Library System in Groveland, Ma 
The Groveland Public Library – Langley-Adams Library is a public library and a member of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium. This is a great consortium it participates in sharing resources on a regional scale. It is a destination that hosts many programs worth exploring.

Terrain of Groveland, Ma 

Groveland is 9 square miles that sits along the south banks of the Merrimack River, and several other brooks, as well as the Parker River. There are two ponds, Crane Pond in the eastern end of town, and Johnson’s Pond, on the Boxford town line. Along with a town forest, much of the eastern corner of town is taken up by the Crane Pond Wildlife Management Area.

Points of Interest located in Groveland, Ma

    The Pines Recreation area comprises two basketball courts, two baseball diamonds, and facilities for cookouts, bonfires, fireworks observation, plus access to the Merrimack River. The Pines also provides a nature trail that runs through a wooded area along the river.

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