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The Story of  Newburyport, Massachusetts  ~ Approximately 34 miles from Boston, Newburyport was once part of Newbury and sits on the bank of the Merrimack River and Atlantic Ocean.  A fantastic port city that is walk-able with great shopping, coffee houses and great restaurants in every budget.  Besides the town, there are fun activities on the water and Plumb Island is also part of Newburyport so there is beachfront as well.  Newburyport is the home to the founding of the US Coast Guard but is no longer the headquarters.  Don’t miss the Clipper City Rail Trail which is a non-vehicular fun way to explore.  The lots for homes are smaller than surrounding towns so, you need to like the city feel.

Newburyport Church

Depending on your housing needs the Newburyport real estate market offers many home options. Newburyport apartments and condos have been built in every decade, half houses, single family homes and homes that sit above ground level retail.    Anyone considering a home in  Newburyport  needs to ask: Is the neighborhood the right fit?

Town of Newburyport, Ma 
Newburyport is a small quaint  walk-able city and offers every convenience.  Whether is is summer, fall winter or spring the town always offer the visitor and resident  alike something fun to do!

Newburyport Home

Residential Neighborhoods Newburyport offers older homes along the main corridors in town and some are grand from another time but, development has continued and cul-de-sac neighborhoods as well as custom homes have also been built.  For the most part home that have been built, if possible, have taken advantage of the views and water access that is abundant in the area.

Commuting from Newburyport, Ma 
Several options exist for commuters out of and into Newburyport via car. Interstate 95 (I-95) hugs one side of town which can lead you to Interstate 495 (I-495), heading north or in the opposite direction I-128  allowing for easy access to other parts of the State.  Route 1 is a favorite corridor since the traffic isn’t too bad.  The MBTA Commuter Rail train stops in Newburyport and offers 814 parking spots terminating in Boston at North Station (60 minute ride). Access to the south side of Boston can be accessed via the T and/or local buses.

Newburyport Welcome Sign

Population of Newburyport, MA 
According to the Census of 2010, there were 17,416 people, 8,264 households, and 4,428 families residing in the city. The were 7,897 housing units in the city and it is mostly built out.  there are re-purposing of existing buildings which account for the total number of housing units to fluctuate a little.

Newburyport Town Hall

Government of Newburyport, Ma 
Newburyport adopted  in 2013 a mayoral-run city with an eleven-member City Council.  During the mid-twentieth century, Newburyport enjoyed a typical “small community” approach, conducted, most notably, by city mayor and activist Ed Molin, who died in 2005. The current mayor of Newburyport is Donna Holaday, and the next election year for mayor is 2021.

Newburyport City Features

Water Supply & Sewage Treatment of Newburyport, MA The source of Newburyport’s drinking water  comes from both surface water and groundwater supplies. The surface supplies, which make up 80% of our water, are the Indian Hill and the Artichoke Reservoirs both in West Newbury and the  Bartlett Spring Pond in Newburyport.

Trash Pick-up in Newburyport, Ma The town provides trash pick  and recycling pick up but you have to check the official town website for specific days and associated areas.  Not all trash is collected on the same day.

Electric Service in Newburyport, Ma Electric and Natural Gas Service is provided by  National Grid

Newburyport Highschool

Education of Newburyport, Ma 
The Newburyport Public School District  is exceptional!  There are also private schools available in town as well. Francis Bresnahan School Edward Molin Upper Elementary School Rupert Nock Middle School Newburyport High School Every year the State of Massachusetts requires public school districts to participate in Standardized Testing called the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). The test scores are published in the  Boston Globe  &  State of Massachusetts Elementary and Secondary Education Massachusetts offers a program entitled “School Choice” which allows students from neighboring towns to attend the local public school if there are spaces available and if the local School Committee decides this is in the best interest of the district. If there are spaces available, a notice is published in the local paper. There has been some discussion as to parents of children exercising this option to provide some compensation to the schools district. Each district is different so, please check with administration officials for the current policy.

Library System in Newburyport, Ma  The Newburyport Public Library hosts many programs conducted that are worth exploring.

Terrain of Newbury, Ma 
The town has a total area of 26 square miles and  lies just south of the Merrimack River.  There are many marsh lands which attract wildlife and offer boating, kayaking as a way life recreational life.  Big views and big skies are abundant close to the ocean while small wooded hills offer wandering trails.

Newburyport State Street Shops
Newburyport Waterfront

Points of Interest located in Newburyport, Ma  

Plum Island is not to be missed!

Cushing House Museum & Garden

Newburyport Custom House Museum

Homes For Sale In Newburyport, Massachusetts

Newburyport housing

There are many types of homes for sale in Newburyport Massachusetts! Each Month we publish a “E-Newsletter” that details the number of sales so you can see the raw data.  Sign up for our “E-Newsletter” and get the housing scoop.  Additionally, we will set up an IDX feed for homes that are for sale in Newburyport that you are specifically interested in.  For example if you only want to see home with “in-law units” then we will custom make your home search.  Just fill out the inquiry so we can get the information to you.

Housing Market in Newburyport, Massachusetts

What happened in 2020?  In this video we uncover what happened in Essex County and more! If you would like additional information and/or specific to Newburyport we have those numbers too! Just reach out whenever you are ready.

Boston Suburb Housing Market 2020 Moving to Boston

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