Ranch Style Homes For Sale Near Newburyport Ma

Ranch Style Homes For Sale Near Newburyport Ma

Ranch style homes for sale near Newburyport Ma are in high demand because they are a style that typically offers a smaller over-all home size and single -floor living. They are popular for first-time buyers and for people downsizing.  Many Ranches built in New England have basements but others are built on a slab.   A lot of people tell me the “Ranch Style” is one they feel they can manage so it fits many different housing  needs.

Often times a ranch-style home is harder to find than people realize.  Here is what I mean, in Newburyport, there are  766, ranch-style homes in the city limits which is about 9% of the total housing stock and in the general area Georgetown provides the most with 22% and West Newbury the least with 8% of the total housing stock.  There are not a lot of ranch style homes for sale near Newburyport, so demand for them can be high. Here is a list of the local towns and the % of the Housing Stock that is a Ranch or Raised Ranch style.

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A lot of people don’t’ think ranch-style homes are well constructed and for some of the stock it is true the building regulations have improved, but don’t discount a house just because of the ranch style because, previous homeowners could have made great modifications.  Those that have fallen into disrepair offer an opportunity to make it your own.  If you take a look at the layout of the house, you like the location and the structure meets your needs then a ranch-style home may be the perfect match!

The ranch-style home became popular after the war as home building in the United State slowed between 1941 and 1945.  Often new homes built after 1946 implement modern features that were minimalist in design.  The one-story home with a low pitched roof and broad facades was seen as current an modern.  Fast forward to today and first-time home buyers in Massachusetts and people thinking of downsizing in MA like the understated look.  While much of the traditional decorative details of Victorian, and Colonial homes were eliminated the biggest objection with massachusetts homebuyers is the lack of curb appeal.  A ranch-styled home is a one-story box and when soft curved landscaping, hardscape, porches, and unique fencing is added to soften the hard lines many people find the ranch-style to fit their home dream.

Here in Massachusetts, ranch-styled homes are a combination of minimal traditional and ranch for the style categories.  The split-level and the contemporary, which is also in the family of ranch-styled homes have separate categories in all the public records.


Ranch Style Homes For Sale Near Newburyport Ma



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