How To Prepare Your House For An Appraisal In Newburyport

Finding a buyer is the first step toward selling your house. After that, you have to clear only two more major hurdles before you can close – the inspection and the appraisal. An appraisal is a formal report of your house’s fair market value as determined by a certified and licensed professional. The professional, the … Continued

5 Top Tax Deductions For Homeowners In Newburyport

Your home provides you with many great benefits. It gives you a secure place to live, your family has space to grow, and you’re building equity and credit with every payment. But did you also know your house can provide you with tax benefits, too? The top tax deductions for homeowners are important to understand in order … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House In 2019 in Newburyport

While 2019 doesn’t look to be a record-breaking year for home prices, many in the know in real estate think it will be better than the next couple of years. Besides, if you do want to sell your house in Newburyport, waiting is always uncertain and can be a dangerous game financially. So here are … Continued

How Taxes Are Changing For Homeowners In Newburyport

The new tax laws are now in full effect, and it has left many homeowners uncertain about the impact it will have on their tax bills. How have mortgage interest deductions changed? Is your home office still eligible? It can seem difficult to understand how taxes are changing for homeowners. Your taxes may have become … Continued

Our Guide To Basic Homeowners Insurance Terms For Residents of Newburyport

Insurance can be a maze, with terms and conditions a mile long. Understanding the difference between a deductible and a premium is important, but not always easy. Half the battle of understanding your insurance is knowing what some important homeowners insurance terms really mean. Here’s our guide to some of the basic homeowner’s insurance terms … Continued

4 Things That Can Delay The Sale Of Your Home In Newburyport

Your house has been on the market for a while, and you’ve finally gotten a solid offer. The price is right, and things are looking good. But be careful: The deal isn’t done yet and there are still things that can delay the sale of your home. While some of the speed bumps on the … Continued

How To Appeal Your Property Taxes in Newburyport

Owning a home is expensive. You’ve got your mortgage, any repairs or improvements, homeowners insurance, and property taxes. But besides trimming your budget, there’s nothing you can do to save money in any of these areas, right? Wrong! You can appeal your property taxes to see if you can save a little money each year. … Continued