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Hello! I'm Julie Marion and I started Hottel Real Estate with the goal of providing excellent Massachusetts real estate service for homeowners and homebuyers. We've been in the real estate business for over 25 years so our negotiation skills, experience and knowledge come in handy and benefit our customers. No one beats our menu of services! Whether you are buying or selling we are committed to you so
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We are Massachusetts real estate agents that service people in towns we know well. There are many Massachusetts houses for sale so let us guide the way.

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The Massachusetts Real Estate Market for Homeowners

Thinking about selling your Massachusetts home and not sure if it is the right time to sell?
Some Massachusetts real estate pointers to help you decide if you are ready to sell.
  • Do you view your home as a housing product?
  • Are you ready to price the house for the current Massachusetts housing market?
  • Ready for your house be a better "buy" than other Massachusetts houses for sale at the same price?
  • Massachusetts Homebuyers drive-by first. Is your house ready to make a great first impression?

  • I need to talk to see if this is the right time...

    The Massachusetts Real Estate Market for HomeBuyers

    Thinking about buying a Massachusetts home or condo but not sure if it is a good time to buy?
    Some Massachusetts real estate pointers to help you decide if you are ready for Ma homeownership
  • Do you want a place to call home and will most likely be in the area for 5-7 years?
  • Are you kept awake at night paying someone else rent?
  • Are you able to afford the monthly mortgage, taxes and home maintenance?
  • Would you like to receive 25%* of Hottel Real Estate's commission when buying a home?

  • I need more information to decide...

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