Home Improvement Projects To Do This Spring In Essex County

The temperatures are beginning to rise and the snow has melted away for the final time this year. This can mean only one thing: spring is here. With the weather changing, now is the time to get out and take care of some of the things that have been building up on your DIY list. … Continued

6 Listing Secrets Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast In Essex County

When it comes to selling your home, there’s plenty of work you need to do, but your real estate agent brings the polish to the table. Here are 6 listing secrets real estate agents use to sell houses fast in Essex County. CLEAN EVERYTHING AND DECLUTTER Most people do some cleaning to try getting their … Continued

5 Things You Can Do To Become a Essex County Homeowner in 2021

The process of becoming a homeowner goes beyond finding the right home for you and putting in an offer. It’s important to do some groundwork to put yourself in the best position when going to look at potential home options to make the entire home buying process much smoother. We’ve put together a list of … Continued

Things Sellers Need To Know When Selling A Home in Essex County

Selling a home can be intimidating, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. The whole process is also littered with pitfalls and obstacles, especially for those who have never done it before. It’s easy for first-time (and even experienced) sellers to make mistakes – sometimes very costly ones. To help you avoid those mistakes, here are 5 things … Continued

Things That Should Make Essex County Home Buyers Think Twice

With low inventory and still rising prices, finding an affordable house that meets your requirements is no easy task. But before you make an offer or sign any papers, stop and look more closely. A house may seem like your dream home, but there may be things wrong with it that make it not so … Continued

Why Every Real Estate Investor in Essex County Needs an Agent

Most experienced investors know what they’re doing when it comes to real estate investing. That’s why savvy investors work with agents. Working with an agent is usually more profitable for investors – which is, after all, the whole point of investing in real estate. A good agent can help an investor save money and time, … Continued

The Pre-Approval Process From Start To Finish for Essex County Home Buyers

As you’re beginning your home search, you’ll see ads time and again about financing and different mortgage lenders. To get you prepared for your home buying journey, let’s examine the pre-approval process from start to finish for Essex County home buyers. WHAT IS PRE-APPROVAL? Pre-approval is the process of filling out a mortgage application with … Continued