4 Tips For Evaluating Offers For Your House In Newburyport

Being a home seller can be awkward from time to time. You’re required to let a lot of people you’ve never met explore your home, judge it, and then come to you with offers for how much they believe the property is worth to them. In order to try making the whole experience a bit … Continued

What To Look For When Buying a Second Home In Newburyport

Sometimes it’s nice to have a special get away from it all, or maybe starting up a side business for additional income is where you’re aiming. Whatever the situation, it’s important to keep a clear head if you’re shopping for a second home. To get you in the proper buyer mindset here’s some guidance on … Continued

6 Things You Can Do To Buy Your Dream House In Newburyport

Everyone has an idea of what they would consider their ultimate dream home. If you feel you’re ready to begin the search, here are 6 things you can do to buy your dream house in Newburyport. UPDATE YOUR HOME-BUYING BUDGET To start off, the best thing to do is to examine your current circumstances and … Continued

Ranch Homes For Sale In Massachusetts

Today we are talking about the pros and cons of Ranch-Styled homes in Massachusetts. At the beginning of a house hunt I usually hear people say I want a home with character, a yard and a lot of natural light.  As a former urban planner…. Well…..  Every house has character when you understand the history … Continued

Radon Gas what home buyers should know in Massachusetts

What is it, where does it come from, how to test for it, and why should you care if you’re a buyer or seller? This applies to both buyers and sellers and is very simple to test for radon with a radon test kit. Massachusetts home buyers want to know what it is and sellers … Continued

What happens at a home inspection

Home Inspection Day is the day where you as the buyer will evaluate the house from a structural, legal and health standpoint. A lot of what is mentioned here, in terms of checking with Town Hall and some of the basic condition of the house should be done prior placing an offer on the property. … Continued