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We would love to be your Essex County MA North Shore Real Estate Agent. At Hottel Real Estate, our focus is to help you sell your home and help you find and buy your next home in a seamless process. We represent only you in the sale was we believe it is a conflict of interest to represent both sides on the same transaction.

We are excited for the opportunity to meet you!

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      At Hottel Real Estate & as North Shore Real Estate Agent Experts

We buy and sell every house as it is our own!

Everyone knows a real estate agent. Right?

We want to earn your business because we are the very best North Shore Real Estate Agents. Why? Because we do what is right for you.  Always!  Additionally, we are always educating ourselves and implementing every facet of this changing industry to bring you the very best real estate products that effectively sells and buys North Shore homes.   We love that the North Shore Real Estate industry is changing and we are excited about it! We cover many towns because client needs change and we adapt to you.   We do not ask our friends for business as many real estate business models implement and we would suggest that our products are better and more adaptable to your needs better than any company around here.  We put our money into serving our clients not lining the pockets of big franchises.

While you are deciding who you are going to hire in one of the largest and not too often transactions, please call us and interview us.  If you are looking for someone who knows real estate laws, marketing, urban planning, appraising, high level negotiating skills, competitive and is a hard worker ready to serve you, then call.  If you like what you hear then we can take the next step and talk about selling or buying a home. This is a high personal transaction and as one of my clients said, I just don’t want to work with some of the agents.

Use this website as your real estate resource.  Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In as we post current market information and resources for home buyers and home sellers and “transitionals”!  We have video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, a customized digital newsletter focusing on the town housing market you are interested in and so much more!  We have worked on all these products for the last 17 years and during that time the business model has changed and we have improved our products so you win.  Some of these are available for free and others are only for our clients.  Online companies like Zillow, Trulia, UpNest and many others allowed for the creation of this platform where in the dark ages it would have been just an idea on paper.  It took time and we work every day. We try to take one day off on the weekend and usually Mondays but we are hungry for business and right now we are working a lot so, most likely answer when you call (978) 877-2873.

No real estate company has experience like ours – ask the other agents what they did before, as real estate is usually a second career.  When you work in the urban planning field you know where to get the answers both buyers and sellers need.  Appraising knowledge and education allows us to point out the value of properties.  It’s key since a bank is going to come in and hire a 3rd party appraiser and give the property a value.  This is the experience and knowledge we have that guides you in making the process easier.  It’s what is needed  and after all you are paying for this service so, you should receive the professional value you deserve. We’re on your side to help make sure you get the best deal and knowing where the line in the sand is, is so vitally important.

Buying and selling a  home or condo is fun, stressful, exhausting and sometimes not so fun.  We are full time North Shore Real Estate Agents  who have mastered the home buying and selling process so you are in control, you know what’s coming up and this allows you to make the best decision for you.

We are fully engaged in digital marketing on multiple platforms, we help you understand the real estate laws and your options (they were adopted for a very good reason), and we have negotiation strategies that help our clients achieve their objectives.  If you are leaving the area (we are also licensed in New Hampshire), we are aligned with the top agents nationwide so you will always have a professional to guide you.  Additionally, we know them as this is not a not a blind referral through a large company network.  These agents have been at trainings, conferences, in business coaching programs, one on one small group business owner workshops we have attended and continue to attend.  We all believe this industry is ready for change and we are leading that way. It’s so exciting!

As you know there are lots of options when it comes to North Shore  real estate agents in Essex County, MA and you’ve got a decision to make.  Check us out. We hope you like what you see.  We are excited to meet you!

Living in Newburyport Massachusetts


If you’re looking to sell your Essex County house Hottel Real Estate can help you sell your house for the highest price, making it effortless for you on your terms. Let me send you my listing presentation that reviews our marketing strategy and everything we do for our clients! (See the form above) That’s right – Our initial meeting can take place right here ~ when it is convenient for you. If you think we are a good fit then yes of course I want to meet you face to face (either in person or via the computer)! For now, see if you like our approach.

Next you are going to want this FREE  Master To Do List  which you can download right now!  Every North Shore home that is on the market and getting ready to go on the market is your competition so we need to prepare your house for sale. It’s hard, emotional, exciting, and exhausting so, use us to help keep the stress and costs as low as possible!

Opt in to our Ultimate Getting Ready to Sell Program and BEAT your competition! the Program is free and we will send you worksheets, Videos and text emails.  If you ever have any questions or need help along the way just reach out and we are here to help! 


If you’re ready to buy a home on the North Shore.  At  Hottel Real Estate, as professional, full-time North Shore Real Estate Agents we know the towns of Newburyport, Newbury, Amesbury, Georgetown, Boxford, Ipswich, Topsfield, Merrimac, Rowley, Salisbury,West Newbury, Essex and Gloucester.  We live in the area but, we did not always live here as we also lived in the Middlesex County area and served the towns of Acton, Concord, Carlisle, Leominster, Shirley, Groton, Littleton, Maynard, Bedford, Westford, Tyngsborough, Boxborough and Chelmsford for over 16 years!  Our experience in the local housing markets, urban planning and appraising give our clients a leg up.  We are confident in listening to our clients to help them find the best town for their life.  What is important to you and what lifestyle you want drives where we look for a home.

Check out this Home Buying Video and decide if you want to have a quick chat.   If you are interested in talking you will be able to opt into an exclusive home buyer tips so you get the best price, reduction of stress and allows you be excited about buying your new home or condo!