Yes it takes a special broker to listen, comprehend, and act in your best interest

After two major real estate companies were unable to sell our home, we needed a fresh approach. Julie Marion to the rescue. There’s an enormous difference between liking your job and having passion for it… Yes in the middle of our worst winter ever our home was sold. Time to find a new place to call home. A reasonable priced property with little yard to maintain, great space light and near the ocean came available. Yes it takes a special broker to listen, comprehend, and act in your best interest This broker is Julie Marion! Her passion for real estate combined with extensive knowledge in urban planning gives her the tools to get the job done right. What are you waiting for call, email or visit her in her office… don’t miss the opportunity to find your dream…

Dianne ~ Seller and Buyer

I passionately help homebuyers and sellers to make the best housing decisions whether it is buying, selling renting or investing.

My buyers purchase the American Dream that will meet their needs for the next 10 -20 years so they are able to build wealth and create “home”.

As a North Shore, Ma Real Estate Agent, I help sellers unburden themselves from a property they no longer want or need and allows them the freedom to journey into the next phase of their life with a new version of home. Both my buyers and sellers obtain a dream of home that fits the lifestyle they desire.

We communicate continuously and fully inform our clients all their options, legal rights, give creative solutions to solve problems based on real estate knowledge, urban planning, appraising and 30 years of experience. We solve problems for clients who need a governmental approval such a building permit or Title V sign off at Town Hall and do it quickly given our background.

My clients benefits from my calm negotiating approach. It is something I enjoy doing for my clients as we buy and sell every home as it is our own.

We believe in constantly improving and we implement strategies and techniques  acquired through professional development, certifications and training.

Clients see I listen as I analyze the house as a structure.  My Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation along with my experience of owning a brand new home, retrofitting a 1970’s house and an 1825 antique home allows me to examine the house space to fit and work for different needs.  This aspect of my profession is especially fun for me and my seller’s notice the customized marketing approach and my buyers don’t pass up a house just because someone didn’t take the time to listen and apply their wants and needs to the built environment.

Home values and price are key and I educated both sellers and buyers on how home value is obtained through professionally accepted appraising techniques I learned while studying and passing the nationally recognized American Institute of Appraisal Exam.  As a full time North Shore, Ma real estate agent and broker I apply this knowledge in helping my sellers obtain the highest price and it aids in my buyers getting the lowest price.

My clients typically are not aware initially, but as a broker I am bound to confidentiality during and in perpetuity to anything about their transaction as I have taken the real estate part of the “Bar Exam” the same attorneys and my obligations of confidentiality are the same.  It’s comforting for them to know I have their back.

I started my company because when I worked for a franchise a large portion of the transaction fee is paid for corporate overhead so instead, I choose to provide services for my clients as we all know there are great ways to accomplish something and and the cheap route.  My clients deserve the best and I want them to have it.

For sellers we market their homes with layers of marketing approaches including but not limited to, digital, video, print and traditional real estate marketing.  Our world is changing, and my clients appreciate we no longer drive around neighborhoods looking for a house to buy, relying solely on the MLS and sticking a sign in the yard. My sellers appreciate not implementing marketing strategies that are old school and waste their time with people walking through their home with no intention of purchasing it. They are thrilled with the comprehensive marketing tools we use that are interconnected and deliver a buyer who is qualified and ready to purchase.  They see we are motivated to continuously improve our marketing so we stay ahead of the cookie cutters corporations. Our client’s tell me we capture the way they feel about their home. A lot of companies tell you similar things to what I have said here but, we show you the results.  If you are just considering us please ask us to show you past results. I’m so proud of what we have done for our clients and they are happy with the results.

We are a personalized North Shore, Ma Real Estate agent service and we know every client’s name. We are not a factory and our clients, you,  are not a number or another transaction.  We are understanding, and we professionally guide our sellers to get the house ready for sale and we pick our buyers up on the side of highways when the car has broken down on the way to a closing, or at a train station because the rental car place was closed.  We care about you,  the human element, of this business called real estate sales.

Responsiveness and communication every step of the way, via checklists,  and checking in regularly so the entire team of professionals, attorneys, bankers, movers, home inspectors, the cooperating agent and their team all know what is going on so the transaction happens according to contractual terms.

Our buyers love we are able to connect what they are looking for so they don’t waste their weekends looking at property that is too expensive, in the wrong location or doesn’t meet their needs. My buyers are busy and their time is valuable.   Our buyers are well informed, smart and educated about the North Shore, Ma Housing Market.

My clients appreciate that I will drive anywhere in Essex and Middlesex County and while they are busy with life and work, we work full time to connect the dots for their next phase. We are now based in the North Shore, MA serving Amesbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Ipswich, boxford, Topsfield, West Newbury, Groveland, Georgetown, Merrimac, Rowley, Salisbury and Gloucester but we lived in Middlesex County primarily servicing Acton, Concord, Groton, Westford, Leominster, Pepperell, Shirley and Carlisle for over 16 years.  We know the towns, and schools in both areas as our background is rooted in urban planning and community development.

I am loyal to my clients and they are to me as well.  They know whether a buyer or seller anything I can do to eliminate the stress via an organized plan and deliver the partnership they need during the process I will do.  Selling and buying a home is serious business and nothing that should be taken lightly.  It is a sale and a purchase that will impact our client’s lives for years to come.   We treat you the way we want to be treated buying and selling every house as it is our own.

We are the Hottel Real Estate Family, Welcome!